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Fleet Partners

We partner with SaltAir Aircraft Leasing for training aircraft that are very well maintained and great for primary and advanced, as well as instrument training. We can also train you in your aircraft at your base field if you'd prefer!

We've worked with all different types of end goals with students and we can work with you to help achieve your goals too. Our main objective is teaching safety and proficiency together in realistic settings and scenarios.


Ben Shelton-Flight Instructor

I started flying with Neff in 2013 with no intentions of becoming a commercial pilot, much less an instructor. Neff's passion was contagious and here I am! I've worked with a lot of great instructors and I just want to live up to what they've meant to me! Once the industry's realization of pilot demand was realized and began to offer reasonable compensation for the level of passion and investment, I became interested and began to pursue the dream of flying the big iron! For others that have seen this and realize that it's a great time to be a pilot, I want to help them get there. Hopefully I can also help those that just want to fly for fun on this journey. I hope to be instructing for a long time because it helps keep me close to the fun that aviation is really all about!


Fleet Partners
Aircraft leasing is available through SaltAir Aircraft Leasing located at the Hickory Regional Airport and the Foothills Airport in Morganton, NC. There are currently four different airplanes and they are looking to expand the fleet.
(2) Cessna 172 
(1) Piper Archer III
(1) Remos GX  
SaltAir Aircraft Leasing

Check out the link to see pictures of the fleet!

Clint Festa (FAA) and Ben - CFI
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